Monday, July 30, 2012

What's In Your Spice Mix?

by Kris Pitcher

Things can get monotonous when you eat six meals a day. Chicken is chicken, and white fish is enough to choke you after a few weeks. So I like to spice it up.

As I was filling my little baggie in the bulk section of the grocery store the other day I looked at the ingredients of my chili powder. Dextrose. I'll be cornswaggled!

I dropped that bag like it was contraband. Fortunately, the spice police were not close by. Really, do they have to put sugar in chili powder? Then I read the other spice blends. Sugar, dextrose, more sugar.

This store carries three varieties of chili powder - mild, medium and hot. The hot doesn't contain dextrose. If you can handle the don/t need the sweet. OK, I made that up.

The other "go to" mix I get there is curry powder. Clean. Phew! But it reminded me that we really need to read our labels carefully. Hidden sources of sugars are used as fillers in products like this and we're not even aware of it. We're shaking sugar right on our diet food. Silly.

Where are the hidden things in your plan that might be causing you to make forward progress? There might be blatant things, and there might be more hidden things. Look at your labels and check for your "oses" maltose, dextrose (another name for glucose), fructose etc. They are all sugar.

Keep your spices simple and clean, not full of simple sugar. Spice it up!

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