Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Your Behind

by Kris Pitcher

I haven't looked at the back of my hair since my husband completed the remodel of the master bathroom. It's the smaller of the two bathrooms on the main floor, but it's got the big three way mirror.

Now, what happened is he put a more sleek vanity in there with slightly sloping sides. These sides no longer accommodate the electric toothbrush base. Besides, that stuff is ugly. I used to check the back of my hair while I was brushing my teeth.

I still brush my teeth...I just don't do it where I have a 3-way mirror. I have no idea what's going on back there. There could be huge holes in my hair - although I doubt it. And as it turns out I am just lucky there's not. I really should check before I go out of the house.

But what's going on behind you? Where you can't see? I see a lot of people working chest. We joke that Monday is "International Chest Day" because everyone at the gym is working chest. Only as the week goes by...everyone at the gym is still working chest.

People tend to neglect what they can't see. Chest and biceps seem to get all the attention. Everything else is out of sight, out of mind. You need to check your behind. There's a lot going on back there!

Your back, hamstrings, glutes, calves, triceps - half your body is behind you. Hopefully you haven't developed "holes" there either. The problem is that neglecting body parts means creating imbalances. And creating imbalances leads to injury.

Work the front, and work the back. Give just as much attention to those muscle groups you can't see as the ones you can. You'll be creating a balanced physique and reducing your risk of injury due to imbalance. Then all you'll need is that 3-way mirror to see your progress!

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