Thursday, July 5, 2012

Slimmer School

by Kris Pitcher

Today's lesson is a simple one. You won't need to take notes really, and there won't be a quiz at the end. You can put your paper away and your pencils down. This is just a "sit-n-get".

Whether we're talking about making changes to our eating habits, or seeing the results of lifting weights and doing our cardio...we have to do it if we expect it to work.

(The lesson was that last part.) We have to do it if we expect it to work. We can't buy a book or video and expect healthy meals to make themselves. We need to shop the right ingredients, prep the food, prepare it, pack it, take it with us, and ultimately eat it.

We don't just need to eat it. We need to eat it in the right amounts, and at the right times of the day in order to make changes. In order for it to work, we have to do it.

Our workouts are just the same. It's not enough to just join the gym. We need to actually go to the gym and once we are there we need to exercise. Doing any old thing isn't going to cut it. We may need to enlist the help of a professional to build a plan for us to follow.

Once we have our plan we can't just do it for a month. We need to keep doing long as we want it to work. Are we getting the crux of the lesson?

We spend time being frustrated that plans are not working. But if we were completely honest with ourselves we would need to admit, we're not really doing them. Or, we might be kind of doing them.

"Are you following the plan we discussed?" I might ask a frustrated client. "Yes, and I've added an extra piece of fruit and a yogurt - because I love that new Greek yogurt. That's healthy right?" They'll say.

Well perhaps, ONLY THAT'S NOT OUR PLAN! So, we have to do the plan if we want it to work. And we have to do weight management as long as we want it to work, which is pretty much forever.

Stop feeling frustrated about plans which aren't working...and analyze if you've actually been doing the plan. Chances are, you have room for improvement. We always do. Welcome to slimmer school!

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