Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quiet Diet

by Kris Pitcher

Sometimes when we're doing something we think is really super great we stand on the roof-tops and shout it out. It's no wonder, I mean we are excited, motivated and ready to go!

Then we look around from up there...and no one else seems to be as excited about it as we are. This is where the "quiet diet" concept comes in handy. It might seem strange not to share what you're doing. Yet, in a way you're just dieting on the down-low.

When we are making lifestyle changes we can do a couple of things to help ourselves be more successful. We can start by knowing our changes will be lifelong rather than for a short period. With this in mind, the quiet approach makes sense.

If we are going to do things on a long-term basis, a big loud party certainly doesn't make sense. Getting everyone all riled up for years of change sort of seems like it might be lost on them. And it is.

It can also be scary for those around us to think about us making changes. The quiet approach of making small changes, or dieting on the down-low, is helpful here as well. When people feel threatened by our new lifestyle they often feel left behind.

This isn't any good for our relationships, for our family. But if we are quietly making small changes, it's easier to adapt. Before you know it, everyone wants to join you after dinner to go on a walk in the neighborhood if you just do it vs. making a huge production out of it.

So while the changes you are making seem big to you, and the commitment to that change is HUGE for's not a big enough deal to shout it from the roof-tops and expect a parade. Keeping things quiet, on the down-low, might help you embrace that inner power as you enact these changes for yourself.

As you do, you might be better equipped to field those questions when the people around you begin to ask you if you're slimming down, feeling more refreshed, or why all of a sudden you seem full of life. You'll know just why!

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