Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Diet Wall, On Stallling Out

by Kris Pitcher

Congratulations to reader Jessica who has lost 100 pounds since August! This takes a complete shift in mind-set, a 180 degree change in lifestyle approach, and a willingness to care for yourself as you never have before.

Eventually, we hit a wall...we stall out. We stop making progress. Now, when we have a lot of weight to lose the numbers are big in the beginning. It's like dating...really sexy at first. Then as things slow down, we have to really work for it.

Really the stall out is our body telling us, "Hey! We've been doing the same thing here for a while now!" and, "We're on to you!" This is all about the principle of progression. We must progressively change what we're doing in order to continue to see change.

It can be as much as a little "tweak". Last week for example, I took my typical 45 minute cardio session and split it into two sessions. Same time, but different because now it's two sessions. My body has to figure out what I'm doing. Ha! Progression.

How do we begin to change things? We need to start by tracking what we're doing. You can track your exercise, your food, your water intake...all of that, etc. One thing to be aware of in terms of managing this process, is just how much you can handle.

We don't want to make ourselves crazy, we want to track what's important. I would suggest the "biggies". Track your food and your exercise. Maybe of that, you select your cardio or your strength training - but if it's going to make you a nut-ball don't track both.

Our food scale is on the counter at all times. Every meal gets weighed before it is packed to go, or eaten at home. Why? Well, for one thing I need to ensure I get what I need. There are days when I can eyeball 4oz. of meat put it in the bowl on the scale and it is right on. But I wouldn't count on my eye for 6 meals a day. (That's too much pressure! Lol!)

I also need to make sure I'm not getting more, or less, than I need. So, everything gets weighed. Using tools to help you make sure you are on track just make sense. Now, do I write down every meal? No. Because I ONLY eat the meals on my diet plan.

HOWEVER, for all the Jessica's - you should be tracking everything that goes into your mouth in a little diary, or on an app for your phone. This personal accountability will help you make better choices before you put something in your mouth that may not help you get to your goals. It stops the mindless eating.

Tracking is the first step to making adjustments toward progressive changes in your plan. Often, the tracking itself will be all the change you need to get over the diet wall you've hit. Keep doing all the right things to move forward in your health and fitness. And congratulations Jessica! Thank you for reading!


  1. Love this! I get too overwhelmed so I track all food and exercise every other week. If I am really trying to be good I will do it for a whole month but then quit all together so this keeps me honest at least some of the time without going crazy. I love my fitness pal for tracking.
    Kris, do you have meals planned out for a week at a time?
    Way to go Jessica :)

    1. Heidilynn, Great method to track every other week. Very smart! I literally eat the SAME thing every day - I'm on a contest prep diet, and this works for me. I have a very different relationship with food than most. My meals are planned - yes. I don't get my variety in life from my meals ;)