Saturday, May 5, 2012

Winning, It's Personal

by Kris Pitcher

Sometimes when we get where we're going...we're disappointed. We reach a goal and it doesn't "feel" like we thought it would. Maybe we aren't rewarded (externally) like we thought we would be.

No matter our physical goal, it's got to be personal. Don't take this the wrong way, but it's not enough to think we'll win. I say that because we've got to train like we want to win, to be number one. But that's not enough.

In any race or competition there's only one winner. The competition will be fierce. You'll be up against lots of other people who have trained just as hard as you...some harder. The point isn't don't even bother.

The point is make your goal personal. Compete to be your very best, to achieve something bigger than a reward or a medal. I'm suggesting compete for something deeper.

Finding your personal purpose in working toward and achieving your goals is where you win. Sure a trophy is nice, but in my sport the top five get a trophy and everyone else - if that's what they are competing for - goes empty handed.

Those fifteen others in the category aren't losers. They didn't show up having not earned their place on stage. We all need to find our personal purpose in what we pursue.

In most any sport all you can control is you. You can't control who you are up against, what their talents might be, or how they trained. What you can control is how you train, and what talents you bring. This is where you make it personal.

As you embark on your next journey, your search should be for your personal purpose. Finding it might lead you right to the head of the pack, the top of the mountain, or standing in first place.

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