Thursday, May 10, 2012

What Is Your SLASH?

by Kris Pitcher

I met an interesting guy last week who said his girlfriend is a psychotherapist-slash-singer. And I thought...what's your slash?

Everyone should have a slash. We identify with our jobs primarily in this country. For better, or for worse. And at the expense of the corporate ladder many have lost their slash.

I'm a chief development officer, slash, blogger, slash, physique competitor, slash, wife, slash, part time contest prep coach, slash, NPC judge, slash, daughter/sister, slash...I have a lot of slashes. Those are just some of my slashes.

Really. What is your slash? Did you used to have a slash, but you've let it go? Would you like to pursue your slash? I think we'd be a little better balanced if we thought a lot more about our slash.

There is nothing wrong with identifying with our job, I just think we are more than that. We are more creative, we have more to offer, we are more dynamic and complex. We should celebrate our slash!

Give yourself the freedom, the permission, to explore your slash. Try a few out, and see what you like. Or maybe you already have a slash that you aren't sharing, you aren't capitalizing on, or you aren't bragging about. Share your slash.

Our slashes make this world a remarkable place, a place that's fun and creative. It's what makes us each so special. What is your slash?

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