Monday, May 21, 2012

What's Your Breakfast Profile?

by Kris Pitcher

It's true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It's the meal which kicks us off on the right foot for the entire day. We can get this meal right, or get it wrong.

We've talked before about all the reasons why it's so important. After a good night's sleep we need to kick up our metabolism with some nutrients. It's a prime time to replenish after we've been hard at work building and repairing all night.

Most of us are in a hurry, so breakfast doesn't have to be big...but it should be smart. Some fast digesting whey protein is a nice way to get things going and that's what I do right after my morning cardio. Then I'm off to work.

My second breakfast, which is my first whole food meal is one I really look forward to. Each morning I heat it up at work and my colleague will ask, "What's for breakfast?" It's the same every day...collard greens and extra lean ground beef. I eat my oatmeal on the side.

It's the same because I like it. Lean protein, complex carbs and some fat. The combination keeps my blood sugar nice and steady, it's slow digesting and keeps me full until the next meal. It's the combination that's magical.

Your breakfast profile should look the same: lean protein, complex carbs, and some fats. Whether you want to blend it all up in a smoothie as you head out the door, or hard boil a couple of eggs to take with you along with a non-fat yogurt - your breakfast profile is what's important.

Even a smear of natural peanut butter on wheat toast can be a good start to the day. Finding what works for you is key. Planning ahead, and making it a practice is what makes breakfast work.

Get your brain working for you first thing in the morning by fueling up with the right breakfast profile. Choose the right combination to make your breakfast count!

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