Monday, May 14, 2012

Quit Your Cravings

by Kris Pitcher

It's all you can think about. You get it stuck in your head and you want it. I mean you want it bad! You will go to the ends of the earth to get a's a CRAVING! And it is driving you crazy.

Not only is it driving you crazy, but it's also derailing your progress. You can quit your cravings by doing something really quite simple.

Cravings are really about filling needs. Yes, you're a big, deep, dark, empty hole. You are craving things to fill yourself up. But, you might be surprised to find out it may not be the thing you're craving that you really need.

We have to start by finding out what we really want. Let's say every evening you crave ice cream, or chips or what ever your thing is. The behavior now is to give in and have the ice cream because that's what we think we want. And that's easy.

What if we tried something different? Maybe what we really want is time to unwind, or time with a loved one. Maybe we need time to de-stress or time to be social. The point is, our craving is usually for something we are not getting, but something we need.

We can test our needs. One evening, try spending some quality time with your family. Still want ice cream? OK, maybe we need something else. Try some de-stress time by doing something you enjoy. Try working in your garden, or on a project, or reading, or taking a bath, or painting your toes...something for you.

Still not it? The next evening we try something else. Take the dog for a walk, call your friend, massage your feet and hands. Find your emotional fix. The idea is we need to feed our cravings for emotional fulfillment.

OK, you're not just a big, deep, dark, empty hole to be filled with ice cream. When we have our head wrapped around intense food cravings, we are missing something within our emotional needs. It can be as simple as relaxing in a different way. It takes practice and work...but you are worth it! Quit your cravings!

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