Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Canned by Coke

by Kris Pitcher

Last week while I was traveling, I did what I always do. I weighed, bagged, froze and traveled with all my food for three and a half days. It all fit snug as a bug in my carry on soft sided cooler.

But by day three of wonderfully long and productive meetings, I decided to enjoy a soda at our after noon break out session. So, I looked at the big bowl of ice with cans of Coke in it and picked one.

Some cans were red, I know those ones, and others were white. Great, I thought, I'll enjoy a diet Coke! I went into my break out group to discuss a scenario and half way through my can I got this horrible feeling.

I turned the can around and almost slammed it on the table. A bad word came out of my business mouth under my breath. "This is a regular Coke!" I exclaimed.

"Is that bad?" Questioned one of my colleagues. Um, yeah I though...high fructose corn syrup is pretty much bad for anyone! They had seen me eating chicken and broccoli every two or three hours for three days and some of them had even clued in that I was on some sort of eating plan.

"Here, take these vitamin B drops, they'll counter act the sugar." Said one of our speakers. Hmm? Did he really believe that? I took the drops so he'd feel better for me. But that half a can of regular Coke would not be counter acted by all the vitamin B in the world.

I'm not sure why Coke can't just be in one color can. Red. Do they have to make it in a white can, that oddly looks like diet? Fooled me. But it was my own fault. I shouldn't be drinking that anyway. Lesson learned.

It was off to the gym after our session ended at 5:00 PM. A good lift in and an extra 25 minutes of cardio, which did counter act that half a can of regular Coke. Sorry for the bad word, and I'll watch my cans.

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