Sunday, May 27, 2012

Strange Behavior

by Kris Pitcher

I wonder if people think my behavior is strange. I say that because I notice some VERY strange behavior all around me. Like just last week, I was on my way to work and saw a lady flossing her teeth at the bus stop.

At the bus stop. First of all, and I realize we all have our own system and order in life...but I floss and then brush. Doing it the other way around seems like it leaves your mouth unfinished.

But that is not the point of this. The point is, why is she flossing at the bus stop on her way to work?

Which leads me to remind you why you should be a good hand washer. You should be a good hand washer because flossing lady is all around town touching everything you're about to touch. Just saying.

I notice a lot of strange behavior at the gym just because that's where I am much of the time. We walked into the weight room Friday and in the huge space there were two other people besides us. One man was doing back extensions "Superman" style on all fours in between the benches.

He would alternate reaching one arm and then the other, stretching it to the hithers of the weight room. I wondered if he could maybe complete these exercises in the stretching area? Then there was Olive Oil lady.

She looks like Olive Oil with her long limbs and straight across bangs. She brings her own 2 pound weights (because the weight room does not have those) to complete her full body routine. She lays her mat down between the machine weights to do her 3,000 sit ups.

So, as we are doing our multiple sets on the seated hamstring curl we have to be careful not to step on her head. Remember there are only four people in the entire gym as we approach a holiday weekend.

Strange behavior. Again, I can't help but wonder if she could maybe do those sit ups in the stretching area? I do celebrate the fact that she is there, quite frequently doing her full body 2 pound regimen. Good for her!

And good for all the strange behavior really. It's what makes the world such a colorful place, or at least so interesting for me to watch. Keep your eye out for interesting and strange behavior, and watch your might just be you we're watching.

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