Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seasonal Allergies

by Kris Pitcher

It's that time of year isn't it? Everything is in bloom, the grass is freshly cut and oh boy you can hardly breathe! Seasonal allergies can be awful to deal with. But, there are some things you can do to cope.

There are things you can do for yourself, and some things to do for fido too. Here are a few of my favorite tips.

Groom your pets regularly, they can bring pollen into the house. Plus they'll feel special and smell good too. Wash your hair and clothes frequently to get rid of the pollen riding along on you. And while it may be "green" don't dry your clothes outside on the line. Use the dryer.

Minimize your exposure outside. This can be difficult especially if you enjoy exercising out doors. But if you suffer severely from allergies, spending more time inside is one way to cope. Especially doing your cardio inside will provide relief.

Mow the grass often, and wear a dust mask if you must mow it yourself. Where's that neighborhood kid when you need one? If you can have someone else do it, that's even better.

Keep the windows and doors closed to the house, and even keeping the windows up in the car is a good idea too. The idea is to limit the entry of those pollens and irritants.

Manage your symptoms either with over the counter products or by visiting an allergy specialist. Taking antihistamines when you know you're going to have exposure is a good idea, before you have symptoms.

Avoid mold by keeping leaves clear of gutters and from building up in the yard. Mold builds up and then once the air begins to warm those mold spores become mobile causing your allergies to flare up.

Taking a few precautions and extra steps can alleviate some of your allergy symptoms and make life a little bit more enjoyable this time of year. It's so nice out, it's a shame to be sneezing and wheezing!

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