Friday, October 12, 2012

Get Stacked! The Right Supplements!

by Kris Pitcher

You have done your research and you are in this thing deep! You bought the big stack designed especially for you. It's got your morning supplements, your pre workout complex, something to drink during your workout, the best post workout recovery and your night time repair complex. Your stack is even stacked!

And let me just tell you why all that isn't going to get you stacked like the "literature" in the magazine, or on the website, said it would. Because you won't eat your food.

That's right. You won't eat your food. You want to drink your meals, have a bar, and take a handful of pills. Supplements, however are designed to s-u-p-p-l-e-m-e-n-t your meals. Not replace them.

Your stack isn't going to get you stacked unless you are eating. Eating not only enough, but also enough of the right macros to fuel and recover. Eating is by far, the hardest part. It's hard mentally for most people. And it's just plain difficult to schedule it in.

Until it becomes a priority you won't make the gains you want. You won't see the progress and you won't get better. Nutrition and nutrient timing is the most complicated part of losing fat, gaining muscle and making transformations in the way our bodies look.

Whether you are a physique competitor or an average Joe/Jane trying to be healthy in the gym, you must get the nutrition right before your stack is going to make much difference. And by all means, if you are a competitor you have to get a handle on this piece.

Getting your food down, figuratively and literally, will change the game for you. You can't make up for poor eating habits by drinking your nutrition. It doesn't work. Take a look at what you're doing. How does it stack up?

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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Pak and Xtend! Can't go a day without them!