Saturday, October 6, 2012

You Weigh What!?

by Kris Pitcher

"If it's not too personal...what do you weigh?" he asked. We were at a work social function and I am always happy to talk about my hobby and if someone is interested - I'll tell all. His daughter had just competed in the bikini division at the show I was in and his interest was sparked.

Laughing I told him that I was probably about 125.5 on stage. His salt and pepper eyebrows went up in surprise. He asked about off season. I told him I work pretty hard to stay around 145. Shock!

"No offense, but you do not look like you could weight that much!" he said. None taken. I dispelled his statement that muscle weighs more than fat. Please know that 1 pound is 1 pound. Muscle is more dense though. I'll give you yes, I don't take up as much "space" as someone who weights the same, or less, and doesn't carry the mass I do.

He was fascinated. We carried on. He asked about my body fat percentage. Looking for a reference he asked what a typical "fit runner" might be. I laughed. No offense to any runners out there...but "typically" speaking they're the classic skinny fat.

I explained that my 11% would look very different from another person's based on the difference we might have in our lean body mass. So, there is no desired body fat percentage for a competitor to be when she, or he, is standing on stage. It's all about how you look.

All this to set the stage to get to my point. I have no idea what I weigh today. No clue. Thinking about this topic...I wanted to step on the scale. But here it is, so get ready...

IT DOESN'T MATTER. I know I was roughly 125.5 on stage (close to 4 pounds heavier than last year!) and I know that I'm heavier than that two weeks out. But the number itself does not matter.

My goal matters. My goal is to build. My goal is to take advantage of the rebound period to feed my muscles and grow. So I will gain weight. THAT is the goal. Why get on the scale?

I know my "number" will be going up. Why torture my psyche by giving it the slightest indication that the number matters when it doesn't. Two weeks post contest and I couldn't tell you if I'm 136, or 140? Don't know.

I know I'm not 125. And I don't need to be 125. That is not the goal. What is your goal? And how does your number fit into it? DOES it even fit in? Or could you just let the number go and focus on the work?

Allowing the scale to drive your focus is backward in my view. Focus on the work, on the goal and the rest will come. Trust me. Trust you! You'd be surprised how much you weigh...depends on how much weight you give it.

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