Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stink Eye From the Weird Guy

by Kris Pitcher

There is a distinct dress code amongst women at the gym. It looks like this: hat pulled down over eyes, head phones in ears, eyes down, very busy look...or scowl even, across the face.

And guys, I'll give you a hint - the i-pod ran out hours ago, and I can't see anything from under this hat. But the reason I have to wear this get up is I'm getting stink eye from the weird guy.

That's right! And you guys get it too. What is with that guy anyway? Giving everyone the stink eye? Why is he staring? Why is he mad-doggin' everyone?

Now there are certain things in the weight room you just can't avert your eyes to. It's the "train wreck" effect. You can't NOT look. No matter how hard you try. But this guy seems to be following you with his eyes. Like he's trying to follow your workout or something.

I know this isn't paranoia. BECAUSE IT HAPPENS TO YOU TOO! So, I wonder if maybe we're just sensitive, or too sensitive, to why it's happening. Perhaps we think it's about us when it isn't.

Maybe they are interested in our program. Maybe weird guy wonders how it is we are lifting heavier than him. Maybe he's wondering how it is we are making so much progress while his beer belly just keeps getting "bear-y-er".

And maybe he's not just giving you the stink eye. Did it occur to you that he's giving everyone the stink eye?

I'm not saying let your guard down for "weird guy", by all means keep that repellent up. And DO NOT make polite conversation - that will turn into a dissertation you did not carve out time to hear.

Even stink eye guy has a story, and while it may not be one you're interested in...know that you are interesting, captivating and well worth watching. In fact, most people just can't turn away. 

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