Thursday, October 11, 2012

Will Power!

by Kris Pitcher

People get confused about will power. We think it's some "thing" that certain people have, and enact, when it comes to staying on track. I hear it all the time...

"Oh, she's just got such great will power!" As if it were some magic potion or sparkle fairy dust you could sprinkle and shield yourself with. The problem is it isn't any of that.

It isn't a thing, or a shield, or a dust or potion. It's not even so much about your "will" as it is about your "won't".  The whole thought of will is rather passive. But won't, now there's something you can actually do.

What if we thought of it as won't power. The power really becomes yours instead of something you're waiting for to happen to you. Nothings going to happen to you when you're staring down a cupcake. You need won't power.

Won't power is about the choices you make in the those 20 seconds where you either turn the corner, or you don't. It's not about will at that point, it's about a conscious decision to - won't!

Won't is a choice you can make. I won't have that "fill in the blank" because it doesn't fit my plan. I won't stay up and watch this ridiculous show because it will set me off schedule and compromise my sleep.

I won't skip my workout and shop with the girls after work. Get the idea? It's about the decision you make in that moment. There is no will power in that split moment, there is only won't power.

The power is you making the decision vs. letting some elusive will overcome you and empower you to make the right choice. Don't give it up to will. Take it and decide what you, "won't". The power has always been yours. 


  1. I have will power but sometimes things get in the way, but I overcome and get my workouts in. It took me a while but i have my will power and I control things!!

  2. Love this! The power of "won't"!!!