Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Duh! Just Be You!

by Kris Pitcher

Flipping through a magazine, it recommended - don't be anyone but you. Duh! I thought. But it's not a duh moment for millions of women, and men alike.

Most people, most of the time are trying to be anyone but themselves. In fact, you is the last person you'd like to be!

Well, that's great advice. Just be you. Don't be anyone but you. We don't need to look for a new style every season. We should find a personal style which suits us, and keep it. Feel comfortable in it. Rock it!

Keeping up with everyone, or with what you think you need to be doing can be exhausting. And come to find out, no one really cares. No one is going to notice if you skip the seasonal table settings? Or, if you just carve the standard face into your pumpkin instead of making a masterful art piece out of it. It's. A. Pumpkin.

There's nothing wrong with doing all that if it's you. But it seems people get all caught up in the rush of being and doing what others are doing and being. Just be you. Seems simple.

When it comes to being you, stop apologizing. No apologies are needed. Ever. Take those compliments. Simply take them. Don't take them with the requisite apology about how you don't deserve them. When someone compliments say, "Thank you!" Period.

As we approach the holiday season, it seems like a good time to reflect inward and think about who we are. It's a great time to consider what's important to us and whether or not we are honoring that in our lives. Are we being ourselves?

I'm going to take that advice - Duh! Just be me. Being anyone else would just be silly?! How about you? Who will you be?  

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