Friday, October 19, 2012

Keep it Fun, Sized

by Kris Pitcher

They're popping up everywhere. The wear house stores have ensured we will not run out this year. And reportedly seven out of ten of us will spend on average $80 this Halloween. As a nation we will spend $8 billion on this holiday. Praise the retail gods. Wow.

Much of that is spent on costumes, scary decor and the requisite fake blood. But we spend a lot on fun sized (and full sized) candy. So, what will all that fun cost you this season? Let's look at some of our favorite fun sized bars:

  • Snickers 72 calories
  • Twix 80 calories
  • 3 Musketeers 65
  • Kit Kat 100 calories
  • Butterfinger 100
  • Milky Way 75 calories
  • Nestle Crunch 70
  • 20 pieces of Candy Corn 150 calories
A couple of things happen with these tiny treasures of fun. You want to try them all. I just listed a few. There are MANY more. And why not taste them all? You also lose track of how many pieces of fun you've had. So, your 75 calories quickly becomes 712 if you try ONE of each of the above.

You might as well main line me right up because once I've had one...I want to keep the fun coming. Lots of people just can't stop once they've started. And with a bite sized piece, you really don't feel like you're doing that much damage.

The damage adds up, and quickly. There are some things you can do to manage your own behavior at work and at home. At home my best advice is wait to buy the candy. The mega store is not going to run out.

If it is in the house, you're going to eat it. If you really live in a place where they will run out and all that will be left is Jolly it now and seriously PUT IT AWAY. It's not for you in so many ways. You are the only one who is going to control your home environment.

When you are away from home you need to make some decisions and have some tools. One good tool is sugar free gum. It's kind of gross to pull the gum out of your mouth and hold it while you eat a snickers bar. Your mouth is already busy. Chomp away. It's a good tool.

Drink lemon water, or lemon tea, and eat your regular meals on schedule. Keeping yourself on track helps your body know it's getting what it needs. It doesn't need a kit kat. When you are getting the protein, fat and carbs you are supposed to eat, you won't be craving sugar.

Decide. Make your decision ahead of time. If you'll be in an environment where you know those fun sized items will be tempting you...decide ahead of time how you will handle it. You are prepared, not caught off guard. Hello! There's gonna be stuff at the pot-luck! Plan ahead.

Not getting fat sized from fun sized is easy when you know what you're dealing with and when you make decisions about your choices. No one is forcing you to participate in Trick-or-Treating. Are they? Keep it fun!


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