Friday, October 26, 2012

Running Through My Head - Grunt!

by Kris Pitcher

There is no delicate way to lead in to this topic. No polite way to begin. So, here we go...What is with all the grunting in the gym?

I understand the physical exertion. I am myself a heavy lifter. But the grunting and groaning something else to me.

Maybe you're not aware of WHAT it does sound like. It doesn't sound like super human exertion doing arm curls with the 20's (I can do that). And here's the lack of delicacy. Ready?

It sounds like you're either trying to get a part in an adult movie - which will go straight to video. Or, like maybe you haven't had a bowel movement for several days. Either way, you shouldn't be making those sounds in the gym.

It's really the guys I'm concerned for. That sort of sound means thoracic pressure, and I'm concerned for your blood pressure. Besides, my CPR isn't completely current. I wish you would just breathe through the exercise. Exhale! (But without the noise?)

The second part of my concern is that the weight isn't that heavy. If a 40 something lady can lift don't need to make that sound while you're doing it. We can see you. We're proud of you. It's not necessary to draw that kind of attention to yourself.

Lastly, it makes me wonder what kind of noise you make in the bedroom. And I just can't erase those kinds of thoughts from my mind. I feel like it's not really my fault either. They are after all, your grunts. Yucky!

You don't want me wondering that sort of thing. And if you're wondering why I'm laughing audibly, now you know what's running through my head. Grunt!

My suggestion is we focus on the mind body connection of the lift. Focus on the breathing - exhaling as we exert. Quietly. I can't help but think this method would be better for most involved, most of the time. Happy lifting!

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