Monday, October 15, 2012

Public Service Acronym

by Kris Pitcher

Acronyms are great. The organization I am with has more acronyms than the military and sometimes I still need a translator. But recently I thought of a great acronym for every day use.

Now, they are great for learning. Any time you need to memorize something, or recall information, using them as a tool is super smart. This isn't for that purpose at all. It's for you to manage whether, or not, you should "comment".

Life is a great social experiment, but for those of us who have found our social platform on social media...OK, facebook, we are part of the greatest experiment of all. And as such, I have developed a new acronym.

It's creation was sparked as I would read people's comments on other people's posts. For instance, a post might read, "I got my flu shot today! Ready for a healthy winter!"

I'll be darned in socks if someone doesn't comment about how they don't "believe" in getting inoculated and how this person is perpetuating some Big Brother scam.

KITYS - When you are considering commenting on someone's post think about kitties. But not the fuzzy, meow-y kind. Think about KITYS - my new acronym.

Keep  It  To  Your  Self

Yes. Keep it to your self people. KITYS need to take over the social media platform and potentially the world. This person doesn't need a guilt trip about their flu shot. They aren't trying to create a political mud slinging throw down with you. They just want to get through the season without contracting the flu.

And I see this stupid "badgering" all the time. It's bullying for grown ups. It's being too emotional about your "positions". Who cares? Who cares if someone else has a different view point? Isn't that what makes this world work?

I know you want to be heard, to be right, and to have the last comment. But please for the sake of all think of KITYS every time you make a "comment". Thank you for taking time to read this public service acronym message. Now comment, and "share" it *smile!

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