Saturday, April 28, 2012

Body Confidence

by Kris Pitcher

Raise your hand if you would rather wear a sweat suit than a swim suit right now? Some of us would rather cover up...WAY up!

But when I think about body confidence, I'm not talking about what you're willing to wear. I'm talking about how you feel about your body. Just you.

Do you see yourself as a whole, or in parts? My arms, my thighs, my belly, my butt...or do you see me? Moving forward on the body confidence scale starts with seeing yourself in your entirety, versus compartmentalizing yourself.

If we are just parts and pieces we aren't whole. Confidence comes from being whole, feeling whole. It comes from feeling at peace with our entire self.

Similarly, we don't just focus on one part to "fix". We don't just work chest, or just biceps. We gain body confidence by not only working the things we like to work, but also challenging ourselves to work the part that are hard too.

Being confident in ourselves as a whole helps us direct a certain energy both inward and outward. We project that confidence outward, and we feel grounded in it internally. Confidence is more about being comfortable than conceited.

Body confidence breathes a certain air about it. You can tell when a woman feels confident about who she it, and in her skin. She carries herself differently than someone who doesn't feel that way about herself.

And the same goes for men. A quiet confidence is much more attractive than someone strutting around trying to prove something. Where are you on the body confidence scale? Start by considering how you see yourself.

Begin to build yourself up rather than tear yourself down. Begin by accepting compliments and being gracious about it. Begin by seeing yourself as a whole person with a body you are proud of and love. Body confidence begins with you.

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