Monday, April 2, 2012

When No One's Looking

by Kris Pitcher

When no one's looking I stand in the pantry and eat raisins out of the container. Raisins are not on my plan. I love them. They are sweet and when they hit my tongue a rush of saliva fills my mouth and they start to plump up as I chew them.

When no one's looking I will put a spoon in the ice cream container. Just once. But still. My confession is not for self cleansing, although I do feel's because I'm on to you.

I know that "when no one's looking" is ruining your plan. It's wrecking your progress and it makes you feel kind of guilty. So here's the thing - you need to figure out how to be accountable to yourself.

We don't do this when other people are around because we are accountable to them. They know we are making efforts to eat a certain way...and raisins out of the container aren't on the plan.

This would be a good place to use your new 20 second window tool you just learned. In that 20 seconds you need to decide, will I eat this? Am I stressed, sad, tired, mad? Can I divert these feelings to another activity? Can I step away from the pantry? And the answer is yes you can.

Becoming accountable to yourself will be game changing for you. You will never have to look over your shoulder to see if anyone is looking. But don't feel like you're alone, or you've been caught because as long as you don't tell anyone about the raisins it will just be our secret. *wink

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