Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fresh Look

by Kris Pitcher

Sometimes you just feel like you need a face lift. It's a difficult thing, because change can be uncomfortable for some people. But I would argue you are savvy, forward thinkers who can take a little nudge with a fresh look.

I used to really love my look. Then on April Fool's day I changed it thinking I would just change it right back. Only I couldn't quite get the look back I had been so accustomed to. And ever since I've been not as excited about it. With that, I decided we could use a fresh look at Fitness Bliss.

Spring is a good time to take a fresh look at a lot of things. A couple of weeks ago I had a meeting with a vendor who had come up from Los Angeles. Let's just say she did not fit into our black and grey office theme dress code.

She was such a refreshing concept. She was full of color, fun she had those crazy nails with all the bling, designs, and tiny dioramas on them. I half expected to see some scene from a Day of the Dead shadow box on her index finger (which she did not have).

It made me think about the doldrums of my winter wardrobe and how desprately I need to take a fresh look at putting some color into my life. I've already promissed all of you I won't buy another pair of black pants (unless I really, really need them).

Welcome to spring! Take a fresh look at your wardrobe, your workout, your meal plan. Take a new look at your goals, your hopes and your nails. What a great time of year to take a fresh look!  

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