Friday, April 6, 2012

Relationship Neglect

by Kris Pitcher

This might sound funny but stop paying so much attention to the kids. A healthy relationship will help you in your pursuits. You need the support and strength, but it's going to take some work.

Couples tend to focus on the kids, the jobs, the "stuff". What ends us happening is they stop paying attention to the couple. My advice, ditch the kids.

Your relationship needs work, attention and renewal. You need to spend adult time, doing adult things together. The two of you need to have fun like you used to and not worry about what the kids are doing.

Instead of neglecting one another and growing apart, take things in the other direction. Put down the to do lists for one weekend. Who cares if the house gets dusted? I'll tell you what needs some dusting off...

Plan a date, go out and do something fun and spend some time together - just the two of you. Don't talk about the kids, the jobs, or the taxes. Putting energy into your relationship will give you the renewal and the support you need to be a team.

And that's just what this takes, team work. You need your best supporter on your side for the long haul. All it takes is a little time and attention to get yourself out of relationship neglect.

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