Friday, April 13, 2012

Public Service Announcement

by Kris Pitcher

This is a public service announcement:
I am not the fitness police.

I'm also not the fitness confessional...although I do love gossip, and will keep your stories (mostly) to myself. I actually love that people tell me stuff. I also love that people feel accountable to me.

Now in all fairness, there's two Kris' here. There's the Kris associated with Team Pitcher. Yes, you are accountable to me, and yes you can make your confessionals to me, and yes those are in strict professional confidence.

I'm talking about the "regular" Kris. Every day me. It's the people I'm surrounded with, who are great people, and I enjoy you all very much. But let's put it this way, just because you knit...I am not going to take up knitting or explain to you why I am not currently knitting.

See? And in that same light, you don't have to explain to me why you are not currently exercising. You don't have to tell me when you will begin exercising again, or explain why you went through the drive through to get your lunch. Not necessary.

I do like to talk about it, and I'm happy to. But ultimately you won't want to do what I'm suggesting and I'll get tired of telling you the same thing and eventually we'll find it easier to talk about knitting.

It's not your fault, everyone does it. Sometimes I think I must have a neon light on my forehead that says, "Fitness Police - Confess Here". It's the checker at Walmart, the lady at the post's everyone.

So, we'll just clear it up. I'm happy to talk about it, or not. And, I don't carry a badge because I am not the fitness police.

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  1. Ha! This must be a common problem for people who become known for participating in the types of activities that other people feel guilty for not doing. I wrote a similar post about biking:

    In a related "confession" (or fitness tip?), I now have a whiteboard in my office that reads as follows:

    Days without a giant cookie from downstairs (aka "workplace accident"): XXX

    I update it every day. Now that I'm past day 100 (probably around day 106 after this weekend) I don't think I can EVER have a cookie from downstairs! This does not rule out cookies from other sources, mind you, but those are harder to come by since I don't have cookies at home.

    What it did for me was to create personal accountability in a visible spot, and the act of updating the count, which I do fairly early in the day, keeps me mindful about that choice. It had become too easy to excuse the giant cookie purchase with "I'm having a stressful day--I deserve a snickerdoodle!"

    Now I'd be "confessing" to myself (and to everyone who walks into the office) if I had to erase the digits and reset to zero.