Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm The Wrong Naked

by Kris Pitcher

Let's face it, working out helps us look better without our clothes on. Recently, when I was talking about starting my diet someone said, "Well, you look great!"

Thank you! But it's all relative to what you're wearing frankly. And when I'm wearing my posing suit on stage...if I were in the condition I'm in RIGHT NOW I would look like a sausage that had come out of it's casing.

Sure in my business clothes I look fine. But I'm the wrong naked. My husband would disagree (thank you honey). But, to get on stage I've got serious work to do.

Most of that work will happen with my eating. What are your plans to become the right naked? Are you following the plan set forth? Yeah, neither have I.

The first thing I'll do is follow the plan I've been given. I mean follow it to a "T". With no extras. None. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Not even one raisin. I pinkie swear.

Then we watch for change and make adjustments. That's how the process works. So, get on board. The winter is over and you can't hide any longer. It's time to get on track so you can get on the course, the beach, the boat etc. And you want to be the right naked!

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