Monday, April 23, 2012


by Kris Pitcher

We finished watching a DVD recently and my husband joked that we better rewind it before we returned it. Then he said, "Remember when we had a separate machine to rewind?"

Remember the saying - be kind, rewind! I'm sure many of you don't so I'll quit reminiscing and get to the point. The point is it made me think about undoing things. Have you ever wished you could undo things?

Like, maybe the weekend? I find that a lot of people do really well all week and then cut loose on the weekend and throw all caution to the wind. Their diet goes down the toilet with their inhibitions and their progress.

The reality is we can't rewind. We cant' undo what we've done. We can only do what we're doing. We can only plan what we are going to do...and then do it. We don't get to undo them. The two steps forward and one step back phenomenon can be really frustrating.

The rewind mentality keeps you frustrated about things that have already happened, instead of being focused on the present. Keep yourself focused on right now, on doing what you need to be doing. Then you'll always be doing what you need to do in order to get to your goals.

There's no special machine for it, there's just us, our plans, our accountability and desire to get to our goals. Be kind, don't think to rewind!

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