Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Who Do You Appreciate?

by Kris Pitcher

Do you remember the last time you did something really great? I mean super, awesome, great? And you waited for someone to notice and recognize you...and you waited, and waited.

No one ever noticed. You felt bad, got grumpy and stomped around a bit with your bottom lip out. When someone asked you what was the matter, you lied and said, "Nothing!"

It stinks to wait around to be appreciated. It's disappinting and it's frustrating. I am suggesting you just quit it. You shouldn't be waiting around for anyone to appreciate you. Ever.

It's part why you go about doing things and part appreciating yourself. We'll start with the why you go about doing things part.

If you do things to please other people, you're waiting for them to appreciate you for having done them. If you just do the things because you are happy to do them, or because doing them makes you happy - you'll never be waiting.

Doing those things will be the happiness. Sure you do things for other people, but not to be noticed for doing them. We do them to make that person's day better, sunnier, smoother. We do them because it makes us feel good.

The second part is appreciating yourself. Waiting for external appreciation which may never come is backward. Appreciate yourself first, love yourself first and what you put out will come back to you.

Our disposition in the way we go about things sets us up to either be eternally disappointed and frustrated, or self-satisfied that we are doing from the heart. No more stomping around for any of us, if I've done something good for you...I've done it for me too. *smile

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