Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chipped Off!

by Kris Pitcher

I was changing at the gym (not in the toilet!), and I noticed this pink fleck fly from my foot to the floor. I looked at it, and looked at my foot. It was my nail polish...it had petrified right off my toe!

My brain did a quick mental calculation...how long had it been? How long does it take for paint to literally fall off your body? Definitely more than two weeks...could it have been a month? I looked closer at my toes, and yes it could have easily been a month.

Wow! I was kind of chipped off. How does the time get lost? How do you neglect simple self care like a pedicure? Are weekends so busy that I don't have 20 minutes to cut and paint my nails?

Yes they are. And there are never enough minutes in the day, or hours, or days in the week to do all the things we need to do. Never. We have to prioritize and sometimes when we do, "we" come in last on the list.

Fitting time in for ourselves is as important as taking care of everyone else in our lives. Being able to focus on our workouts for one hour is time well spent. Taking a few extra minutes on the weekend to make sure you are taken care of is well worth it too.

We're in for a busy season as the spring contests begin. It's great fun, we'll see shows, judge shows, and Jacques will take clients to shows. The weekends will be busy, but I will not be chipped off. These toes are taken care of! And yours should be too ;)

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