Sunday, April 22, 2012

Get What You Want In Bed!

by Kris Pitcher

Ladies, and guys, I know what you want. It's time you get EXACTLY what you want in bed. Don't be shy. It's time to get what's yours. You need to let it be known, oh yes!

You want your pillow to stay under your head, where you put it. You want to let go of the covers and have them remain on your body. You want the cat to unchain your feet. You want to be released from the clenches of your "loved one" and you want your side of the bed...all to yourself.

That's right, you want to sleep through the night. I know you want it. Sleep is critical to our well being, and we aren't getting it. There are some simple things to make it easier to get what you want in bed. And it starts with creating the right space.

Now, many of you aren't going to like this...but TVs are not for bedrooms. Your bedroom is for sleeping, and um...grown up stuff. It's not for watching TV, being on the computer, or taking phone calls. This stuff is ruining your sleep.

Pets can drive you nuts. Some of you have a small forest worth of animals on the bed, and there's hardly space for you. The animals should have their own bed (on the floor) right next to yours. We know we're a pack, but fido needs to get off the bed.

Buy a larger flat sheet and comforter. If you are always playing tug of war with the covers it's not because your partner is trying to expose you to the frigid night air. It's because they don't have any covers either. This is a simple fix.

Turn the air temperature down a few notches. We sleep better when the temperature is a little cooler. And ladies, put a pair of socks on. When our feet are warm, it's off to dream-land.

Removing the clutter from your bedroom creates a sanctuary for sleep. Having a comfortable bed with plenty of pillows and covers for each of you will keep everyone happy. Making a few small changes will help everyone sleep better.

Now get to spring cleaning the bedroom, and get that TV out of there. You'll figure out what to do!

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