Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Your Favorite Fast Food

by Kris Pitcher

This one surprised me. In a recent social media poll, our favorite fast food restaurant is...Starbucks. Yep, the coffee mogul rates higher than McDonald's and Burger King was dead last.

Here's what I love about statistics. The number of "likes" you have on face book determine who the winner is. So, naturally a savvy, young, social-media-mad company like Starbucks is going to come out on top. And apparently, the billions that BK serves just aren't that into social media.

If you haven't liked Starbucks yet you can add to the 29,299,522 likes which ranked it number one in this particular poll. I guess they do have all kinds of food now, and even wine bars? Hmm?

It might be a favorite of mine in that a cup of coffee is about the only thing worth eating at a fast food restaurant. A plain cup of coffee, no sprinkles and caramel machiato business.

I actually like that they are lumped into this category because it's easy to think a yogurt parfait is "healthy" but it can be a calorie trap loaded with sugar. And for everyone struggling to wonder why they aren't making headway on their plan when they just have "one cup of coffee a day"?

That one cup is actually 950 calories and for some reason the whipped cream on the top wasn't a give away. Well, there you have it, your favorite fast food restaurant. Me? I'll skip it all together.


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