Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anything Goes!

by Kris Pitcher

If we take our cues from fashion this spring, anything goes! Bright colors, patterns, and solids abound. Geometrics are in, florals are great, and even big prints can work.

The catwalks and magazines are flush with both skinny pants and wide leg slacks. This tells me there is something for everyone. It also tells me, everyone is...well, "in".

No matter your shape or size, or what style flatters you best, this is your season. We should take this approach with ourselves, with our bodies. If we took an "anything goes" attitude we'd approach our fitness pursuits with a whole new attitude.

We'd feel confident and proud and ready to take care of our self. We'd be first in line to make the best choices to get to our goals.

We'd even like what we saw when we caught a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror. Why? Because it's our season and anything goes!

Our anything goes attitude would put us right in front of the Zumba class, in our swim suit to hit the pool like we used to, or in the weight room where we know we need to be...but we're a little self conscious.

Let spring fashion guide your attitude in how you see yourself. Truly, anything does go. We all fit in. Our colors, textures, patterns and fabrics make us uniquely individual. And that is what makes us wonderful.

Put something colorful on and get ready to strut your stuff. Your new attitude can't wait for spring. Anything goes, now!

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