Thursday, February 16, 2012

Me Space

by Kris Pitcher

We all need space to call our own. We all need "Me Space". Sometimes me space is hard to come by. We all live in different places with different spaces. Some of us have nothing but me space, while others haven't even gone to the bathroom by themselves for years.

What is me space? It's a tiny space to call your own. It can be what ever you want it to be...physically. It's the idea of it that is important. It's more of the place, than the actual physical space.

The idea is it is your place. It's a place where you keep the things you love, maybe your hobbies, or your books. It's the place where you can go with your thoughts and be alone. Just you.

Having trouble imagining it? Some people have a whole room of their own. They decorate it how they want and create a place where they can relax, or create, or just be. My me space is about half of the finished basement.

I have a work bench there, and my sewing table. It's where I keep all my unfinished projects, my sparkly ideas, beads, paint, scraps of stuff that will find it's way into "found art". You name it...I even have a plastic piece of wind-up sushi. I have books, writing journals...and my essential oils - which I just love to be in the presence of.

If I didn't have actual space, I could fill a tin box with my me space. And when I wanted to have some "me time" I would pull out my tin and create something. It's the idea of creating the time with yourself, and having something that sparks that for you.

When you live in tiny spaces you create where you can. Maybe you have a me drawer. Where you can store a journal, or special things that help you feel grounded. You pull a chair up to that drawer and you take your me space. It's about taking time. Time for you and time for things you love.

Where is your me space? If you feel like you've lost yourself you have a great opportunity to ground yourself in some me space. You could start with a cup of tea, a comfy chair and a good book. Or, a hot bath...or a walk along the river, Take time to slow down and be in your me space. You'll be surprised who you find!

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