Sunday, February 5, 2012

Step Out!

by Kris Pitcher

It's time to step out! Change is gonna do you good! That's right, cringe...change. We are certainly creatures of habit and I am no different. Who moved my cheese?

I can do this!
The thing about doing things the same way ALL THE TIME is we stop making progress. Life is dynamic, and our health and wellness pursuits are most definitely - dynamic.

You gravitate to the same piece of cardio equipment every time you hit the gym. And I don't just mean the same type...I mean the EXACT same machine. Heaven forbid if someone else is on your machine too. I know how that feels. What are they doing on your machine anyway?!

You go through the same workout on the same machines, or doing the same exercises with the same weights, on the same days of the week. You get the picture. We need to step out!

Out of our comfort zone is exactly where we are headed. We need to mix things up. It's time to try a different machine, different type of cardio, in a different corner of the gym even. I know, but don't be scared. We're all right there with you.

The reason stepping out is so important is that our body becomes accustomed to the input we put it through rather quickly. Once that happens, we stop making progress. And we are spinning our wheels. Now, I don't know anyone who just wants to spin their wheels and not make progress.

If you've been doing the circuit, mix it up with a few cable exercises or some free weight exercises. If you ALWAYS do chest on Monday (which is International Chest Day) switch it up. If you only do flat bench, try incline presses.

Challenging your muscles is necessary to recruit more and different fibers. Changing our cardio up will shake our system and require a little more work, meaning a higher heart rate, different use of muscles etc.

Step out of your comfort zone to step your program up. If you need ideas for what to do get in touch with a Personal Trainer in your area, at your gym, or online to help you develop a progressive program to help you meet your goals.

Keeping things fresh also keeps our brain engaged. And if you're getting bored, well there's another reason to step outside of your comfort zone. So, I'm going to be on all those cardio pieces at all different times...just to watch your face. But you're going to be fine. Because you are ready to step out!

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