Friday, February 10, 2012

On Grace & Age

by Kris Pitcher

It's a good time to reflect on grace and age. My philosophy about age is we get better with it. We can't defy it, we should embrace it. With it comes wisdom, and calm in knowing yourself.

Sure, a few grey hairs here or there. But I know much younger women who are much greyer. I keep waiting for more grey hair to fill in the dirty blond and lighten things up on their own. They're slow to cooperate.

A wrinkle here, a crow's foot there...however, sunscreen has been my daily friend for a good 27 years. Your best age defense is a broad spectrum sunscreen worn all year round on your face, neck and hands. Now I do sound a little wise.

I've spent as many years taking good care of myself as the years I didn't know better. For that I am smarter, wiser, more sage. So as the years pass I learn and I do indeed get better.

I know more about what I will tolerate, and what I will not. I know more about who I am, and about what makes me laugh. I'm comfortable with my self. These are the things that create grace with age. The things that give a sense of calm and celebration.

I know much older women who are filled with grace and sense of self. They are beautiful and strong, unapologetic, funny and powerful. Those are the women I look to as guides along the journey of aging.

As I welcome this 42nd year today, I have nothing but a calm sense of celebration. I look forward to what this year brings, and to getting better with it. Cheers to grace and age! And happy birthday to me!

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