Wednesday, February 8, 2012


by Kris Pitcher

What is our greatest advantage can also be our greatest curse. Information. It's everywhere, and at our finger tips in seconds flat. From magazine articles, to billboards, to TV shows boasting panels of doctors we have information overload.

The challenge can be sifting out what's useful, what's applicable, and what's unadulterated. Let's face it, being bombarded with useless information is tiresome. Feeling like we need to wade through it all is stressful and time consuming. And for what? To store a bunch of stuff we didn't need to know in our over taxed brain.

In terms of health and fitness information determining what's applicable can be confusing. Information derived for a 180 pound man is not going to be applicable to me as a 135 pound woman. I need to be able to sort through that. I can't just go about taking the same amount of protein powder or creatine just because an article tells me to.

Consider the source. You've heard that before. And it makes perfect sense when we're trying to sort out TMI ("too much information" for anyone who's been under a rock). If an "article" or "study" has been published or paid for by a company producing a product who stands to gain from the outcome...forget it. The information is useless.

A study needs to be conducted by scientists who know how to design a study and have nothing to gain but publication. It needs to be peer reviewed, and published in an actual journal respected by the industry. It can't be fluff. Every one's got an opinion. For every proponent, you'll find an equally passionate opponent.

Opinions are just that when it comes to information. Take it, or leave it. Determine reliable sources and choose where you get your information. You don't have to overload yourself with constant streams of it.

The basics work, they aren't going to change. As science progresses large organizations adopt new protocols. You won't miss them. It will be big news. In the mean time I hope you'll keep coming back to Fitness Bliss, where I always share the news...and always have an opinion.

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