Saturday, February 4, 2012

Your Super Bowl Game Plan

by Kris Pitcher

I know you've got the day all planned out tomorrow. It's the big day! It's Super Bowl! Let's make sure we've got a game plan for you as well as all the company, or party hopping that you'll be doing.

First, get your cardio done and get it done early. The day is about to get away from you in a hurry. Once the festivities start, it's going to be an endurance couch sitting event. So, get up and get going tomorrow morning and get your cardio in first thing. You'll feel glad that you've checked it off the list.

Whether you are going to a party or hosting one of your own, you need a game plan. You will have several hours to plan for. What makes the most sense to me is to think ahead. This means be on the offense.

Plan some meals and pack them in your cooler if you need to. No one's going to think twice if you are noshing on chicken and veggies now and then. Take what you need to be successful. Knowing what to choose from on the sidelines will help you make it through the game as well.

There will be LOTS of food. Choose your proteins carefully. Look for the veggie platter, steer clear of the cheese tray, and watch out for the dips. You can have a handful of nuts. And when you want a crunchy treat...go back to the veggies.

For every adult beverage you enjoy enlist the "two for" rule. Two non-alcoholic for every one adult beverage. Go for the club soda with lime, or a diet soda, or just plain water. Either way two for one is a good rule to follow. No one notices, they don't care.

By enlisting the two for one rule, you are staying in control. You can enjoy a light beer, or glass of wine, but you stay in control and make better food choices as a result. Remember we are putting together our offense here. We want to maintain possession at all times.

By going in with a plan, you are setting yourself up for a successful party experience. Enjoy the game, your friends, and a little of the food. Get your workout in early in the day and check it off your list. You can enjoy the Super Bowl, the half-time show, all the commercials, and keeping your program in check. You've got game!

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