Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mirror Mirror

by Kris Pitcher

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
I can't see myself at all.
I see kankles, fat & flab...
I see someone sick and sad.

Self reflection can be a cold, hard process. Part of the problem is your mirror is mean. I don't even have a full length mirror in the house. It's dangerous I know. Sometimes I worry about my fashion choices. But, no mirror? What are you gonna do?

None of us see our reflection accurately. If you do, good for you. You've come out of life unscathed, without damage. We need you. But the rest of us are damaged goods. We see ourselves through carnival mirrors that distort the reflection coming back to our eyes. 

Many of us just choose never to look at all. We just pretend if we don't look at our naked bodies...they don't exist. Hmm. Maybe not a good plan. Besides, I think if we looked with gentler eyes we might just be able to stand up to the mean mirror.

If you were to stand in the mirror, what would you see that you actually like? Can you identify something without picking yourself apart? We tend to do that...pick ourselves into pieces. My butt, my arms, my stomach, my thighs, my ankles, my feet, my this and my that. What about seeing yourself as a whole person?

If you were to ask someone you really trust to take a look at you (no, not naked) and tell you what they see. What would that person say? I'm willing to bet they wouldn't pick you apart. They might say something about your shape, about your stature, or your style.

We look at ourselves so often in some cases that we don't see changes. We might think nothing is changing when really things are changing. Maybe we're looking in just one place, but things are happening somewhere else. We lose objectivity. But if you were to ask the person who sees you in the shower, they'd say - yeah, things are changing!

If the mirror is a problem, take a break. Get an objective opinion from someone who you trust. Take a step back and see yourself as a whole person. Recognizing that we do lose objectivity in the mirror is important in knowing you're not crazy. You're just normal. Now, look again stand up to that mean mirror and see what you see.

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