Monday, February 27, 2012

Strictly Speaking, On Direction

by Kris Pitcher

When I was in fifth grade my teacher said something which has stuck with me ever since, "When all else fails, follow the directions."

At the time, it was said in a damaging way. I was trying to clarify instructions, and the teacher assumed I didn't read the directions at all...I think it hurt my feelings. LOL! Let's assume I'm over it, but the message has stayed with me, following directions works.

Admittedly, I don't always follow directions. How many pieces of furniture have you put together without the directions only to have a few left over screws? I can't be the only one. And did you read the manual for the last phone you got? Me either.

I realize following directions can be time consuming, frustrating, and confusing even. But the truth is, when we strictly follow directions they do get us from point A to point B. So, here's a delicate question.

Why won't we follow our eating plans, our diets, our workout schedules, which our coaches and our trainer have so carefully laid out for us?

Don't get me wrong, we appreciate your honesty. If asked about compliance and you say, "I'm doing most of what you say," or, "I'm following 85%." That helps us determine why you may not be responding the way we anticipate.

I know it's difficult to make changes, and that there are times when you find you have to improvise. But it's still a valid point, "When all else fails, follow the directions." It's tough...but it is love. *Smile!

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