Thursday, February 9, 2012

Log It!

by Kris Pitcher

How are things going with those New Year's plans any way? We're into February...and this is make it or break it time. Many of us are making some great changes with our exercise. We're walking with the ladies, or we're hitting the gym still. But, we haven't quite mastered the food. Not exactly? Right?

With heart shaped Peeps on the shelves of the stores and giant boxes of chocolates awaiting as Valentine's Day approaches, we've got some room for improvement in our eating habits. One great place to go back to is our food log. That's right, log it!

This tool works. You know it works if you've used it before. And if you've strayed away...that's why your slacks are snug. Whether you use something online, or carry around a little notebook - logging your food is very powerful.

It's powerful because you are accountable to everything that goes in. And when that's the case, you think twice. Licorice? I'll have to write that down...maybe I'll skip it this time! And off you go back on track.

A hassle? How is accountability to what's important to you a hassle? Takes too much time? Aren't you going to sit down for that meal or snack anyway? Just pull out your smarty pants phone, or tiny notebook and write it down. Excel happy? Make a weekly sheet and check things off, just leave room for extras in case you make any decisions on the fly.

Use the tool that helps you feel in control, stay on track, and stick to your guns. Use your food log. It's your power tool! When you put this tool to use in conjunction with your exercise efforts...look out! Things are going to happen.

Everything that goes in, gets logged. It's that easy. It's the most amazing tool. And it's the tool that will take you to the next level! Go on now, log it!

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