Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Better Waist With The Plank!

by Kris Pitcher

You can forget crunches. Whew! Because you weren't doing them anyway, right?! Well, I wasn't. I wasn't doing them because they hurt my back...and turns out there's a reason for that.

The repeated spinal flexion of crunches can increase your risk of injury, or aggrevate existing injuries when doing standard lying crunches. Crunches are also often performed with poor form, pulling on the neck causing tension.

The plank is a more comprehensive exercise incorporating not only the rectus abdominus (used in the crunch) but the entire core. The plank works the transverse abdominus, the obliques, and the muscles of the lower back.

You can create a tight waistline by holding the plank for up to a minute. Start out with 15 seconds, building on that in 15 second increments.

There are many variations of the plank, but start out with the basic plank position to target your abs and back. Let's crank up our core and keep our back safe with this great exercise!

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