Monday, May 23, 2011

Shampoo Is Not Filling The Void In Your Life

by Kris Pitcher

As I stood in the bathroom at the Red Lion Hotel, packing my things...the most amazing and transformational thing happened to me. I carefully zipped my tiny toiletries into their neat little bag, assembled the essentials - the hair products...then my gaze turned to the little bamboo stand holding the bottles of hotel shampoo and conditioner.

In that moment I decided I did not need to take those bottles with me. Not only was I ready to leave the shampoo behind, but I was prepared to leave the bath soap with massaging nodules, and the facial cleansing bar neatly wrapped in their own little packages. This was a moment of clarity of mind and of cleansing of soul.

In this very moment, I decided I didn't need excess simply because it was there before me. This is HUGE for me. If you're like have a drawer, cupboard, or closet FULL of hotel soaps and tiny bottles of shampoos and conditioners. But this moment wasn't about the soap. It was about food.

I stood there in the bathroom and recognized this association with excess and translated it to food. RIGHT THERE! Hello! Do you hear those bells ringing? Did you see those white doves just take flight?! This was a transformational moment. I do not need excess just because it is there before me.

On a surface level, this is a concept I know. But to make the deeper mental leap and to recognize it in the moment was a big step along the journey. In my life, if there's half of anything, I want the bigger half. In fact, I'd have rather not had to share it at all - I wanted my own. I have always needed excess. Why? Because I've been filling a void with food.

Fill your life, feed your life, with things you love. Do the things you've been putting off. Live your life now, and be happy. Stop filling your self with excess food, simply because it's there. It's not filling the void you feel.

Like me, you have plenty of shampoo at don't need that tiny bottle from the hotel. Shampoo is not filling the void in your life, it's just filling up your cupboard. Start making the connections in your life which will transcend your progress. They are all around you...right in front of you - on the bathroom counter!

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