Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Show Me Your Adjectives!

by Kris Pitcher

In the name of self exploration, I did a scary thing a while back. I asked a good friend to write down five adjectives about me. While it was somewhat safe based on who I had selected to engage in this with...I still felt a little bit like I was running naked down the freeway.

What I mean is I really had to expose myself and be willing to accept whatever adjectives might come forth. What if she'd said, "bossy", or "self-centered", or "snotty". What if she'd said, "judgemental", or "always wants to eat the big half", or "*itchy"?

If you asked someone to write down five adjectives describing you, what would they say? Forget the adjectives that run in your head. Those ones don't count in this exercise. Here's a super safe place to start...ask your kids. Ask your kids to write down five things that describe you.

Now that you're feeling pretty good (I hope), ask someone you trust to do the same for you. Just five adjectives. Asking your spouse or partner is nice, but the power in this is hearing from people close to you who you don't engage in this level of exchange with regularly.

The truth is she didn't say any of those things I worried about at all. People don't "see" the insecurities that run through our heads. Only we hear them. They might as well not be there at all.

You will be amazed at what your friend/s write about you in those five powerful words. It's what they see in you. My point is, stop showing me your insecurities and start showing me your adjectives!

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