Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Picture of Health

by Kris Pitcher

What exactly is the "picture of health"? What do you envision when you say those words? What comes to mind?

I'd like for you to envision you. It's not that crazy. The truth is if you could see yourself as the "picture of health" you would do the things a healthy person does. The challenge is you've been waiting.

You've been waiting to be the healthy person before you do the things a healthy person would do. Because it's just going to happen like magic.

It works the other way around - that's the magic! Just do the healthy person things...and you'll be the healthy person. Simple.

In order to be the healthy person, you have to do the things a healthy person would do. I know this makes sense to you...yet, you've been waiting for the magic.

Do and be. I'll brag here for a minute. I've been more or less successful at weight management for the past 20 years because I've been doing it. Doing it. I do it every day. And I'll keep doing it as long as I want it to work (which is forever). The formula is simple - do the things a healthy person would do, and be a healthy person.

Am I the "picture of health"? By no means. But when I think of those words...I picture myself, and work to become better. Now the question is, can you picture you? The waiting is over - there is no magic, do something toward becoming a healthier you today.

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