Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Help Yourself"

by Kris Pitcher

"Help Yourself" stated the cheery sign greeting the Monday crowd as we made our stop at the office refrigerator. There was not only a cheesecake in the refrigerator...but a chocolate one on the counter. What exactly happens here on the weekends?

Help yourself is right! Help yourself to a lower body fat! That's what I thought! I filled up my water bottle, heated up meal number two and kept on walking. But resolve is hard to find on a Monday morning...and the cake was soon gone.

Keeping yourself on track in the work place can be like dodging land mines. Every where you look there are things that just aren't on your plan. Things which are not going to help you...help yourself! Knowing your plan is your key to helping yourself.

Winging it doesn't generally work. Those who wing it, eat the cake at 8:00 am. But those of us on a plan, can just stick to our plan. We don't need to be side tracked by the signs telling us to 'help ourselves'.

Don't knock yourself if you helped yourself...just reacquaint yourself with your plan. Get back to what your goals are and clean things up. You can always pick back up and get moving forward. No sense in lingering in the past, learn from it and move on.

Pay attention to the signs around you and by all means you should "Help Yourself". Just not in the way the sign suggested!

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