Thursday, May 19, 2011

How Will You See Your Lima Bean?

by Kris Pitcher

A funny thing happened while I was preparing my meals. As I poured frozen collard greens (that's not the odd part) into my Pyrex container, one lima bean popped out of the package. "A lima bean!" I laughed. "That must be good luck!"

In a sea of collard greens, a lima bean could be seen as a noxious weed, or a good luck omen. I'll take the latter. Plus, I happen to like lima I didn't mind.

Looking at life through optimistic eyes gives you an advantage. You set your "lens" to see the opportunity in the world rather than its unfairness. You see your impact rather than what happens to you. Positive thinking becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy too.

It isn't always easy to wear your rose colored glasses. But really in the grand scheme of things we have a lot to be thankful for. I hear people's complaints and sometimes I can't hold back the laughter. Really, you couldn't find something more important to complain about? If you think it, it's true...either way. Why not see your lima bean as a good luck omen?

One day, five years from now - will you have regrets for being unhappy? Will you wake up one day and be resentful for the life the world has handed you? Or will you put your rose colored glasses on now, see your advantage, your opportunity?

My lima bean will be a good luck omen! How will you see your lima bean?

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