Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Food As Foe

by Kris Pitcher

Being able to strike a balance with your healthy lifestyle habits is really important. Managing enthusiasm for your focus might seem like a strange concept, but it's often those who race out of the gates fastest, who run out of steam first.

Making changes slowly helps people to make lasting changes and it also helps us to keep a sense of balance. For some people though, all this focused energy gets to their head. And whether they're diagnosed or not, disordered eating behaviors usually begin with emotional issues that manifest themselves as a physical problem.

People see controlling their food and exercise as a way of gaining control of their lives. Even good healthful intentions can go too far when they begin to impact other areas of your life. We're seeing new eating disorders being defined around people focused in on pesticide/chemical free foods and also with eating only certain food groups or items.

Any time we're micro-focused on an issue it can tip the scales of being overboard. Many can't recognize when they're stepping over that line. Keeping healthful habits in balance in your life means making room for error.

We need food for fuel, and finding and maintaining a healthful balance in our lives is so important. Food should be friend, not foe.

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