Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How To Hit The Lotto With Your Exercise Goals

by Kris Pitcher

My sister is right, winning the Lotto is not a good plan. It hasn't worked out so far...and I just checked my numbers from Monday's game. And oddly enough. Nothing. There's still a glimmer of hope for Power ball. But deep down, I know she's right.

Meeting our health and fitness pursuits is the same. There really isn't any luck involved. The odds of everything magically lining up are slim to none (no pun intended).

If you've been hoping to "hit the lottery" by magically losing that extra 20 pounds, but not really having to do anything to make it happen. Here's your numbers check. It's. Not. Going. To. Happen.

In the case of my lottery plan - I'm socking away my savings, maxing out my IRA, and contributing the maximum to my 401-K. You could say I have a back-up plan. What's your back-up meet your magic number? Let's start by skipping the number. It doesn't matter.

Go back to the basics. You know the ones. Move more. Eat the right things, at the appropriate times during the day. Fuel your body and your mind. Surround yourself with support. Do the things that you know work, and you will get the results you want to get.

There simply isn't any luck involved. We do the hard work, and we reap the benefits. It's something I practice each and every day. Come on, walk the walk with me. If I happen to hit the lotto - well, I'll just write more Bliss! But I'm not counting on that...

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