Sunday, May 22, 2011

For Bloggin Out Loud!

by Kris Pitcher

Me and Angela Brown of Sistahpedia!
I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at an amazing event! As you know, or maybe you don't, I am the Health & Fitness contributing blogger for Sistahpedia. was co-founded by Angela Brown and her sister Debbie as a place for WWK - Women Who Know. It's a place for women to find and share resources to get/give a hand up, leg up, word up! It's chock full of information on health, beauty, entertainment, careers, education and more! The site has just launched!

The event was a "Shopping and Treats" event by Bike Style Spokane, a company owned by a woman helping ladies find, "The quest for the intersection of style and comfort" in the cycling world. Barb Chamberlain, Bike Style visionary, is demystifying "cycling" and sharing that biking is really something every one can do.

It's basically girl talk about what to do about sweat, what to wear, biking beyond spandex, how to carry what you need and bad hair days. Plus a whole lot of important things like - yes ladies, you can change a tire. She's made it really approachable. Plus, she's found clothes, bags, and gear just for ladies. Who doesn't like cute bags!

And, I got to present at the event and "blog out loud" how cool is that?! It was a blast to meet Bliss readers in the local area, and to introduce lots of ladies to my blog. It's energizing for me to connect with you, doing that in person was a lot of fun for me.

It was a great event, complete with specialty coffee, chocolate, paper arts, cool custom decals, massage...and more. There were lots of great folks there, and it was fun to meet ladies with like interests. Looking for a speaker? Think about bringing Bliss to your event...just saying, for blogging out loud!


  1. Thanks, Kris! Blogging Out Loud was such a great title for a talk on a theme that's really important for all of us: finding ourselves and creating a new body image, not one built on old assumptions and things we didn't choose mindfully for ourselves.
    So glad to have SistahPedia and you there! Here's to the next one.