Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why Size Doesn't Matter

by Kris Pitcher

I like my GAP slacks because they're a size 6. Now, I have some trusty wardrobe staples from Penny's (don't judge) that are an 8. But my favorite slacks are my one "fancy" pair, my Ralph Lauren...they're a size 4! Now, how can I be a 4, 6, and an 8?!

And jeans, don't get me started - I've got the size range there too. Finding the right fit means taking about 40 pairs in the dressing room to find two to pick from. Right?

All those discarded pairs...the ones you can't begin to get your calf into, the ones you get over your thighs but they fall off your waist. All these mis-shapen pairs make me wonder...what's wrong with my shape!?

Nothing! That's what. Let's talk about "Vanity Sizing". There is no U.S. standard for women's sizing. No two makers create a pair of slacks with the same specifications. That's why I can be a 4 and an 8 at the same time. RL wants me to feel great in my slacks and buy more pairs. It's marketing.

The size 8 of today is a 14 from the '60s. The industry wants to make us feel better about our...inflation. Surprised? Don't be, we've super sized everything else. But let's not get off-point here. The point is, size means nothing. Sorry guys, but size doesn't matter.

So stop worrying about it. Take the tags out once you've purchased something that fits your body right now. It doesn't matter if you're a 10 or an 18. If you're clothes fit you - that's the size you are. The number is irrelevant.

Companies want you to like their product line, so they size down the clothes to make us feel better. They're not pulling the wool over our eyes though. Keep your head straight about the numbers - some of them matter and some of them don't. The one on your doesn't matter - you're more than a number!

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